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The Perfect One

The Perfect One is a beautifully illustrated book about an adventurous woman who travels across the world looking for the perfect daughter. She meets delightful animals and experiences the beauty of different countries. Children learn about the wonderful and different ways families can be made. But most of all, they learn families are formed from the heart. What a  magical adventure the child with go on!!

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OUR Story

Cynthia Robbins M.D. is an ob/gyn physician in Ft. Worth, Texas. She loves time with her children

and grandchildren, and being a part of her patient's lives. She loves to hike, develop new products for the medical world, and write children's books. When asked how many babies she has delivered, she responds, "I have a small village out there." She considers her husband, Bobby Ligon to be her life gift. His talent as an artist/illustrator has brought her from a world of black and white to one of technicolor. Together, they laugh, love, and celebrate their together. 

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